Development to date

A design-proving prototype has been constructed and tested. This consists of a single-rotor ride-on vehicle, driven from a small DC motor and batteries. A flywheel is used on the motor, and the steering and speed controls are entirely mechanical. Trailing wheels are used to prevent undesired rotation of the entire vehicle.

Very rapid acceleration and deceleration was demonstrated as predicted. The controls were light and easy to use.

Regeneration on slow-down was also demonstrated. That is, as the vehicle slows down the rotor and flywheel speed up, even to a greater speed than the normal on-load running speed of the motor, despite the use of a low powered motor.

Various conclusions on improvements were reached, including those relating to the bearings of the main rotor and the overall method of control.

This concept is available for joint venture development and/or manufacture under licence, or outright sale.