What is it useful for?

Its key feature is the ability to rapidly accelerate and decelerate in an energy efficient way and for low purchase and running costs. These advantages are significant when compared with the use of hydraulics to perform similar tasks.

The following is a list of some of the possible applications:

  • Motion in small training simulators (e.g. driver training) and arcade games.
  • Motion in larger non-interactive entertainment simulators. This system has the advantage of being able to have a large X-Y movement capability, giving a greater sensation of forward acceleration, etc.
  • Multidirectional manoeuvring of vehicles in a tight space, e.g.
    • In warehousing for accurate positioning of delivery vehicles prior to offloading goods. This may result in more goods stored on a given floor area or more rapid delivery of the goods.
    • Car parking (robotic or otherwise).
  • Mobile fairground vehicles (dodgems), multidirectional or otherwise. Conventional ‘bumper cars’ have very poor acceleration, and sharp impacts can cause injury. Via electronic control, vehicles using the Barnabas Motion System bounce off one another without actually colliding, and the entire ride has the feeling of being much faster. The concept can be extended to theme rides, e.g. giant pinball where the people in the vehicle are the ‘ball’.
  • Sports, e.g.
    • Motor football.
    • Disabled tennis.
  • Flexible queuing and routing of parcels or pallets. With the device upside-down such that the wheels are uppermost, provided that the object to be transported is on top of a least two motion devices, then the object can be rotated and transported in any direction under the control of a computer. This is an alternative to a less flexible system of conveyors and carrousels.
  • Toys, including miniaturised versions of the above, and novelty toys which may, for instance, suddenly jump up in the air or change direction.

This concept is available for joint venture development and/or manufacture under licence, or outright sale.